Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harbor Lights Sprint Triathlon 2009

800 Meter Swim - 11:49
T1 - 4:40
13.2 mile bike - 44:34
T2 - 2:39
4 mile run - 46:23
Total - 1:50:03

Great day for racing! It was cool and cloudy. It took me over an hour to get to Waukegan and there was a one mile trek to transition from parking, so I didn't have a very relaxing set-up and pre-race experience (my own fault). Everything was well organized and run.

The swim waves were divided into big groups and we started from the beach. When there was one minute to go-time, we were ushered into the water to wait by a buoy. The water was 59 degrees Fahrenheit. I was a little nervous but ready to kick some butt! I was in the front and on the right outside to start and took a while to get my rhythm, once I settled in I was pretty good. I wound up finishing in the back of the group that finished 4 mins ahead of us. I think it was a combination of my being quicker and those individuals being slower. Very pleased with my finish, but I would have been much faster had I gotten there earlier to warm up!

Holy hell was this ridiculous. The start was covered with rough rode that was filled with potholes, uneven pavement, and more potholes. After about a mile or so that turned into smooth sailing for two loops along a closed expressway. I desperately need a new bike fit - my piriformis was murder after about 3 more miles. I tried to keep a steady pace but was wavering between fast and medium. I kept up with the same people for most of the time so I was pleased with that at least. The route back was the same potholey piece of crap that it was when I set out on the course.

My legs were tired so I did a run/walk the first mile, ran the second mile, ran walked the third mile, then as I walked through the water station a woman ran past me and said "Come on, get running - come with me!" I ran with her the fourth mile. The run was not very scenic except for 2 miles on Sheridan through a residential neighborhood.

Lessons Learned
  • I need a new bike fit - like majorly. My handlebars are causing my hand to go numb, and my hips hurt after just a few miles.
  • I need a sports massage - my piriformis is bugging me & it needs whatever it needs to get right.
  • More bike - run bricks, or at least do the ones on my schedule religiously
  • More speed training for my runs
  • More speed training for my bike
And most importantly
  • Need to lose more weight so I can move faster


untpawgal02 said...

Cold water, bad roads... ugh! With all that sounds like you still had a great race! Congrats!

Jamie said...

Glad to year you didn't come in last this time! :-)