Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're never gonna survive... unless we get a little crazy

I'm kind of suffering from the winter blahs right now. I was totally in Spring mode and then we got hit with morrrrrrre winter. More cold... more rain... more freaking snow. Argh. So instead of complaining about that or discussing my less than stellar training as of late - I present you with a story from my crazy day, highlighted with a story from my crazy family.

My sister is hilarious. She's about 5'4" tall and a size tiny. She is suuuuuuper energetic, but not in the annoying sort of way. Anyway, people always think she is the nice and friendly one. HA HA HA HA It's not that she's not nice - it's just that she is just as snarky and spade-calling as I am , she's just less upfront about it to people she knows. Needless to say then, our family trip to Paris years ago has left me with dozens of ridiculous stories (which is, incidentally, also where the monkey lamp originated).

Anyway, I had a run in with a really rude lady this morning while I was getting my yogurt and banana. I had paid, was waiting on my receipt, and this troll starts moving toward me and pushing me out of the way with her stupid body. I looked back at her like WTF, and she was handing her card to the cashier saying "I don't need a receipt." First off, I didn't want a receipt but that particular cashier never asks, so you're getting one anyway. Secondly, WHO DOES THAT?! She didn't let up on her pushing until I moved out of the way completely. When I looked at her, she didn't even look at me. What a freaking *#%)(*$*&!$#*)(!#$. Seriously.

It's times like that when I wish I was more like my sister. My sister would have TOTALLY gone off on her. Not in the swear at her, threaten bodily harm sort of gone off - but the STOP IT sort of way that escaped me today. I was too chicken because it happened in the cafe in the building where I work. My luck, I'd be like BACK OFF and then in a meeting with her at 2 PM.

Back to Paris, where my sister and I were shopping at Kookai. I had paid for my clothes and she was still in the process of picking things out. I was standing there waiting for her, and she headed toward the back to the fitting area. There were two rooms and she walked into one that this lady had just left. As soon as she stepped inside, the lady came barrelling back, screeching in French something that essentially amounted to the idea that my sister could not use that room because she was not done with it.

My sister tried to explain to her that she just wanted to try on one thing but the lady didn't care. All of a sudden I hear, "THAT IS NOT FAIR." I could have dropped dead at that moment in my life - it was the funniest thing that I had ever seen. I left the store while she was still arguing the lady, learning finally that she went into the room and tried on the shirt without the agreement of the lady.

I wish wish wish I could spit that out. Even outside of work situations, I generally don't say things to people like that because crazy people have a strange and frightening attraction to me. Over the years I have learned to just let it go, but sometimes - every so often - it eats me up that I didn't just get to let them have it. THAT IS NOT FAIR!

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untpawgal02 said...

I'm like you... can't let someone have it when they totally deserve it!