Sunday, March 15, 2009

And all the things that break you, Are the things that make you strong...

So, before I get to my actual post, I have to share something cool. I actually received a DM from Heavy D (@HevD) on Twitter. Is that cool or what?! I had replied to one of his tweets, and he liked it. That was fun!

OK so, on my run today, with my friend/run coach Jon, we were talking about the progress I've made. Looking back, I used to be an awful runner. Actually, I wasn't a runner in any form of the word. I applied some hard work and put in some hours, worked with Jon on my form and drills, and then did some more work. In just three short months, I've gone from barely being able to run down the block without intense effort, to easily running a couple of miles. I never would have thought that was possible... ever. It made me think some more, though, about what the sport of triathlon has taught me. Here are somethings I came up with:

  1. Fear is a great demotivator. How often have I not done something because I was simply afraid? When I started training, I was weirded out by running places or taking my bike places. Which, looking back, is the stupidest thing ever now that it's commonplace for me to do. I was even afraid to stray from the bike paths in our town, but now I'm officially a road riding lady. :-) Recognizing that the only reason that you are not doing something is purely because of fear of something, really helps you push past it and get out there!
  2. You can't BS hard work. Hard work in swimming, biking, and running produces results. Without it, unless you can operate on purely natural talent, you're going to suck. Putting in the time and effort yields results - plainly and simply.
  3. You're not going to know everything up front - but it's OK to be a n00b sometimes. When I started, I knew diddly squat about serious cycling. I still know very little - but I'm learning! I didn't know how to run, and what I thought I knew about swimming - HA - useless. I read, talked to people, asked questions, and got help.
  4. My family is awesome. I have so much support, especially from my husband, and I can't even believe it. My husband was intent on not only taking me to pick out my bike, but bought it for me as a valentine's day present. How cool is that?! Even at times when I have doubted my abilities, they never did. They are all super-supportive. My parents have even already marked their calendars for my summer races so they know when they will be watching the dogs (for out of town races) or know when they need to be cheering on the sidelines. My sister is half-marathoning with me at the flying pig. How's that for support?!
  5. Random people can be awesome. Through and especially Twitter, I have met people in the Triathlon community that are so amazing. Everyone shares their stories and experiences, it's just so cool. The world seems like a friendlier place just knowing that these people are out there and willing to share their wisdom. We all want to do our best and help each other do theirs. (Well, most people, haha!)


Jamie said...

WOOT! Tri-twitter friends rock.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Great points! I did a series on common excuses people use not to do their first triathlon, fear being one of them. Right now, I'm doing a series "Things I wish I knew as a new triathlete". Only 2 so far. Any suggestions?

untpawgal02 said...

I agree the random people met are the most awesome :)