Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just like Kanye, I have a New Workout Plan

So today was the start of my badass winter conditioning. OK, so not really badass, but something. Anyway, I didn't do as horribly as I had expected quite honestly! This session marked the start of both my winter conditioning as well as my normal Sunday workout with my friend Jon. Jon is my best friend from 6th grade, and also a cross-country and tennis coach at a local high school. So, free coaching mixed with friendly chit-chat. It doesn't get any better than that really!

So what did we do? A lot of running. We ran at an RPE of 6/7 for 15 mins. He was timing and clocking and for now, that works for me since I am trying to get up the cardio necessary to do speed for distance. After we did our initial 15 mins, we alternated doing abs/core/stretches/strength with loops around the track. For example, 25 reverse crunches then speedwork on the track, then plank pose. WOOO! You suffer while you do it, but feels freaking awesome when you're done.

Then, we hit up the pancake cafe. I had two eggs & a half order of banana pecan pancakes. We were eyeing the dutch pancakes with the apples but it would have totally negated our hardwork.

The agenda for tomorrow? Functional Training for the Endurance Athlete at the Y at 5:30 am, then off to work. I have a 10 min run and 400 m swim for the evening. Gotta work on that tri specific winter conditioning!!

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